"ZIRA OLIVES" created on the base of "ZIRA AGROPARK" Limited Liability Company and its base in March 2016 had an aim to promote the benefits of the emerald of the Absheron penisula - olives and olive oil. One of the distinguishing features of "ZIRA OLIVES" is that the company's managements consideres olives not just a raw material but as spiritual wealth and the symbol of the nation.


Today, we can proudly sat that our delicate and beautiful cans and olive oils are becoming more and more popular among the people. People start to realize the benefits of the olive oil and use it more than other vegetable oils. Canned olives on the other hand is a decoration for our tables that perfectly pleases our guests.


There are different types of olive oil and all of them are premium quality. We would like to note that our olives have been examined both by Hygiene and Epidemiology Center of the Ministry of Health of the Azerbaijan Republic and AZS National Certification Centers for safety in laboratories and meet the requirements of storage and expiration dates and received " Compliance certificates".


We can proudly say that " ZIRA OLIVES" is one of the best companies producing olive oil and canned olives within the country. Today, the number of our customers and partner companies willing to cooperate is growing rapidly. As an example we can bring companies such as Araz grocery chain, Favorit, Makro supermarket, Sari store, Mega store, Rahat market supermarket chains, Port Baku Bazar, Nabat - Confectionery Articles Global Brand, Hotel Kempinski, My Beach, Qafgaz hotels, Hotel Catering and etc.


Finally, we can say that "ZIRA OLIVES" is aiming to turn these sacred and irreplaceable product "ZIRA OLIVES - Green olives" to a national brand, according to the principles of "olive production and education".