Olives are ancient subtropical plants cultivation of which started over 4 thousand years ago and are known for their benefits for human health.

Olives contain more than one hundred active ingredients and they accelerate the restoration of the human organism. Canned green olives are rich with potassium salts, phosphorus, iron, protein, sugar as well as vitamins A, B and C.

Out of all vegetable oils, olive oil is considered to be the most beneficial for cholesterol reduce in the organism, which is the main cause for atherosclerosis. In comparison to other vegetable oils, olive oil is absorbed better by the human body and is used both as a medicine and food. Can be both ingested or applied as an ointment.

Eating it raw is beneficial for hemorrhoids, for stomach pain and intestinal worms, whereas using it as ointment makes body firmer. It is the easiest to digest among solid and liquid oils. Beneficial for cardiovascular diseases. It protects the body against stomach ulcers, strengthens bones and renews body cells.

"Tannin" in the olives is used to treat wounds and light burns. Vitamin E in olives reduces the body aging processes. Due to all of these benefits olive oil was said to be used as" the medicine for the poor".

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