Made in Azerbaijan

Different varieties of the precious olives such as " Pear olives", "Azerbaijan", "Buzovna", "Black", "Sweet" and " Baku olives" are grown on the territory of Azerbaijan. During the year grown 600 tons of olives, from which 200 tons of green and 400 tons of black. From these 400 tons of black olives produced an average of 50 tons of olive oil. "ZIRA OLIVES" company brings joy to our tables by choosing excellent types of olives and using traditional and unique recipes along with the latest technologies.

Everyone makes jams at home, but not everybody is aware of the disciplines of this work. Only fully riped, solid, equal size fruits are chosen in order to make the perfect jam. Jam made of unriped fruits will be solid and wizened. We learned all the secrets of this delicate job and offer you the following assortment of the olive jams.